The MUTTS are:


We do not charge membership dues.  We do not haze our members.  We do not follow Greek rules, and do not care if that offends you.  We are Co-Ed so you can party with members of the opposite sex.  We are not into stupid little secrets or rituals.  We don't care what your grades are, and we don't care what your favorite sport is.  We care about your ability to be trustworthy and someone everyone can count on.


While we do like to help out the community now and then, we are mainly about fun.  We have weekly parties, weekend parties, and organized events like rafting, caving, hovercrafting, and road trips.  While other social clubs have you marching around campus in a silly outfit, we are enjoying the day.

Pressure Free

You never have to do anything you don't want to.  We don't force our potential members (puppies) to participate in anything.  They don't have to swim across the river, drink unknown substances, or break laws.  They simply have to be themselves and be the kind of people who enjoy what it means to be a MUTT.  You can start puppying anytime in the semester, and you can stop if it's not for you.  You don't even have to be a MUTT to hang out with us.

Open to everyone.

Being a good friend isn't about what race you are.  It's not about being male or female.  It's not about being fat, skinny, a jock, a head, a stoner, a goth, a punk or a geek.  It's about hanging out and sharing values and making life long alliances.  All are welcome to come check us out.  We obviously aren't for everyone, and we understand that, however you should defiantly find out if we are for you!

Part of life.

Once you graduate it's not over.  Many MUTTS stay friends for life.  We get each other jobs, we hang out on weekends, help fix each other's cars.  We stay in touch via mail, email, and our annual reunions and picnics.  We have over 20 years of history, and Alumni in every professional field in almost every state in the US.  College is just the beginning.


Nuff Said.